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How is a Bluegrass Festival like?

Since the 1960s, bluegrass festivals have become very popular in the USA (see Second Generation of bluegrass history). In 2012, still as São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association, we went to Owensboro, Kentucky, and brought you exclusively some of what happens in one of the main bluegrass festivals!

Of course, seeing your favorite artists on stage is reason enough to want to be a part of it, but that's not all. The Bluegrass Festival has an atmosphere that goes beyond the idea of watching concerts. Usually, fans go camping on the site, meet friends and make new friends because the place is full of jams that can happen under a tree, in front of a camper van, or wherever you are. ROMP Fest has shows all day long, after-party, workshops with amazing artists, band and festival merchandising, excellent quality food, local products for purchase, attractions for children, and much more, as well as the possibility to chat with our idols.

If you are a fan of bluegrass, start planning your visit to one of the countless festivals that take place throughout the year around the world. In the USA some of the main festivals are ROMP Fest, Del Fest, RockyGrass, Telluride Bluegrass Fest, and many others that you can find in this calendar organized by Bluegrass Country Radio. In Europe, there are festivals like La Roche (France), Westport Bluegrass Festival (Ireland), Greenvalley Bluegrass Festival (Switzerland) among others. The calendar of European festivals you can find on this link organized by the European Bluegrass Music Association. We look forward to the day when we can organize a bluegrass festival here in Brazil!


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