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Over 60 years of Bluegrass | Interview with Roger Green from Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition

Roger Green | Leonardo Ramos

Last Saturday, May 6th, we had the honor of interviewing Roger Green, mandolinist, composer and leader of the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition band. During the interview, Green shared with us his vast experience of more than 60 years in the world of bluegrass, from the beginning of his career to the tours he performed over the years.

Green told about how he started playing the banjo, later migrating to the mandolin, the instrument for which he is best known. He revealed to us the albums that inspired him and the first steps in learning the instruments, studying great music names like Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, Don Reno, and other bluegrass references. One such album that inspired him is the classic Foggy Mountain Banjo, which you can hear below.

In addition, Green also told us about when he started writing his own songs and played his composition Market's Down Again. The album containing this track and other compositions by Roger Green can be heard on the Air Play Direct website by clicking here.

About the tours, Green told us about the different presentations he has performed in the US and Ireland, always with the intention of spreading bluegrass music to new audiences. He highlighted the importance of consuming music of the genre in order to be able to learn its characteristics and nuances well, keeping the tradition of this musical style alive and updated.

Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association
Bandolim Gibson F5 1948 | Foto por Leonardo Ramos

He also showed his 1948 Gibson F5 mandolin and told a little about his history.

In the end, Green left the spectator with a mandolin lick for musicians to have one more ace up their sleeve.

It was a unique and inspiring experience to have the opportunity to speak with a bluegrass icon like Roger Green, and we are delighted to be able to share this interview with you.


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