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SPBMA is now Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association

On April 21, 1996, Erio Meili founded the São Paulo Bluegrass Music Association (SPBMA). In the years he was president, Erio facilitated the importation of banjos in Brazil, committed himself to keeping everyone interested in the genre informed, connected many musicians, teachers and students, formed many friendships in Brazil and in the world, brought to São Paulo the Nashville Bluegrass Band (the poster is at the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum).

On April 21, 2011, unexpectedly, our friend left us. The friend César Benzoni, in order not to let this work end, decided to continue the SPBMA. Ever since then we have been able to do interviews with artists of the genre, documentaries, classes, workshops in partnership with music schools, in addition to constant interaction with the international universe of bluegrass.

Today, April 21st, 2021, on this date that marks 25 years of our emergence and 10 years of the passing of our founder, now also marks the beginning of a new era. Brazil is a huge country and we want to bring representation to not just one state, but to every corner of the country. That's why we became the Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association. Our aim is to continue promoting this genre in Brazil, connecting people, cities, states, regions, being a great source of information for all those who are looking to know better, understand, play or just enjoy this music. We want you to have a unique experience when visiting this portal, taking a trip in time through photos, videos, articles, and a lot of music.

We would like to thank all the people who made and make this journey possible. Some of them are Rik Dias, Edson Moreira, Luis Panini, Sergio Hochheim Jr., Adair Torres, Rodrigo Battello, Rodrigo Pimentel, Danny Littwin, Paul Woodhead, Jim Bruce, Mila Maia, Mirtes Benzoni, Wagner Creoruska Jr, Gigito, Zé do Banjo, Rodrigo Haddad, Luiz Fernando Simões, Geison Cesare, Andrew Finn Magill, Jairo Celso, Mauricio de Cunto, Neimar Dias and so many others.

Welcome everyone to our new website!


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