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Fiddle Masterclass with Andrew Finn Magill

We are proud to announce the Fiddle Masterclass with Andrew Finn Magill: The Bluegrass Language!

Straight from North Carolina, Andrew comes in to share everything he knows about this style. There will be 9 intensive hours for you to learn and get your questions answered about the bluegrass fiddle. In addition to the course, we will have 2 coffee breaks and a pocket show at the end!

The Masterclass will be given on 11/29 at Núcleo Educatho, in Vila Mariana, São Paulo. The investment is R$ 230 in advance (up to 12x on the card via pagseguro) and R$ 260 on the day. Remembering that places are limited, so be sure to sign up!

For registration or more information write to

Bluegrass Rules!


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