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Larry Cordle releases new single about Antônio Vilas-Boas abduction

Larry Cordle, a master bluegrass storyteller, has enchanted with his songwriting for over 40 years. Since his first hit, "Highway 40 Blues" with Ricky Skaggs in 1982, Cordle has written hits for country and bluegrass artists, surpassing 50 million sales. Highlight for "Murder on Music Row". His memorable compositions earned awards such as Grammy, SPBGMA, IBMA, CMA and Dove Awards.

At age 74 Larry continues to record and perform. This week, he released a comic and interesting single called "The Abduction of Antônio Vilas-Boas", based on the true story of the Brazilian farmer who said he was abducted by aliens in 1957.

The song was co-written with songwriter Larry Shell and songwriter and broadcaster Terry Herd. The fun story inspired them and brought laughter throughout the creative process.

To the Bluegrass Today website, Larry commented:

“When we read the story Terry had handed us, we just laughed and laughed. We all felt like no one else would be writing a song like that, and if we could get the story in song form, it would make for something really funny. So, we worked on it all day amidst gales of laughter as each part took shape.

We basically followed the story which anyone owning a computer can find by just putting the guy’s name in their browser. Of course, we had to take some creative license to hopefully make it funnier and provide an ending that we dreamed up. I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed writing this tale that I dare say there won’t be many like it in bluegrass!"

Hear the single, featuring the talented Clay Hess, Scott Vestal, Mike Anglin, Steve Thomas and Rob Ikes.

Discover more of Larry's work on his website and in the playlist below.


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