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5 Places for you to listen to Bluegrass online

In the not-so-distant past, the main way for the bluegrass lover to listen to this type of music was by exploring the record stores, bookstores, or being lucky enough to travel to the USA and bring everything that could fit in the suitcase. With the advent of the internet, there was a time when this hunting began to be made in software such as Kazaa, Napster, and others. Nowadays, despite the magic of putting a CD or record on the record player, it is much easier for us Brazilians to approach this music. Whether through videos, playlists or radio, we can have bluegrass in our lives all the time and with just one click. We have selected 5 places for you to listen to the music that we love so much in your day-to-day.

Bluegrass Country Radio

With more than 50 years of existence and countless awards, Bluegrass Country Radio is the main one of the genre and brings 24 hours of Bluegrass, Old-Time, Americana, and North American roots music. "Every show on this station is hosted by a real live person, selecting the music from our incomparable song library, or a personal record collection that probably includes songs you’ll never hear anywhere else" they say on their website. This radio is now maintained by the Bluegrass Country Foundation, a non-profit organization. You can listen to it through their website, through their app that can be found on Google Play or App Store, or through the app TuneIn on your cell phone or smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Into The Blue - WSM

Presented by award-winning broadcaster Terry Herd, Into The Blue is a show that airs on Sundays at 11 pm (9 pm in Nashville) on 650WSM, Grand Ole Opry's radio station. The show brings out the best of all bluegrass generations, including major releases. In addition to this program, the radio is full of country, Americana, Old-Time, Gospel music shows, and much more, and can be accessed through

The Bluegrass Jamboree

The Bluegrass Jamboree is an online radio with a wide range of presenters in the US and around the world. Access the radio through

Playlists do Spotify

Spotify offers countless albums of all genres and it would be no different with bluegrass. In addition to being able to immerse yourself in the complete discography of your favorite artists, the platform has countless playlists of the genre for you to hear things you had never heard before, one of those playlists, that of the Brazilian Bluegrass Music Association, which can be accessed here.

iTunes Internet Radio

This was one of the first sources to listen to bluegrass. If you have access to iTunes, in the library, you will click on Internet Radio (not Radio on the main tab). Among the various categories that will appear, you will select Country. There the app brings, in addition to country music radios, specific bluegrass radios located in different parts of the USA.


With this list, we conclude that, if you have access to the internet, you have access to the best of bluegrass music 24 hours a day!


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