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5 March/April 2023 Releases

Michael Cleveland | Lovin' of The Game

Fiddler Michael Cleveland brings another album from his solo career. With guest appearances from The Traveling McCourys, Billy Strings, Vince Gill, Bela Fléck, Cody Kilby, and more, listeners can expect that masterfully played traditional bluegrass record to be heard hitting the road, just as the album cover suggests.

Mighty Poplar | Mighty Poplar

On their first album, the band of bluegrass All-Stars features Chris Eldridge (Punch Brothers) on acoustic guitar, band partner Noam Pikelny on banjo, Andrew Marlin (WatchHouse) on mandolin, Alex Hargreaves (Billy Strings) on fiddle and Greg Garrison (Leftover Salmon) on bass. This introduction needs no further comment. Go listen!

Tina Adair | Here Within My Heart

Mandolinist, guitarist and singer Tina Adair is a collector of IBMA awards, having been a 4-time winner, in addition to being nominated for a Grammy in 2019. Also part of the band Sister Sadie, Tina now brings her second solo album. The listener can expect a modern way of playing traditional bluegrass, with a great mix of fast songs and beautiful ballads.

Robbie Fulks | Bluegrass Vacation

In his career, guitarist, and composer Robbie Fulks brings numerous musical genres. In their past albums, you can find rock, folk, old-time, and also bluegrass. But it's on this last album that he brings his first full bluegrass record. The album features the legendary Tim O'Brien.

Nickel Creek | Celebrants

This is undoubtedly the most "modern" of the albums listed here. The trio that started with three child prodigies, already bringing an innovative and more modern sound for the time, now in their seventh album, bring an incomparable musical maturity. This can be seen not only in the virtuosity but in the dynamics and arrangements that the group brings. It is an album that deserves to be listened to in an armchair from beginning to end.

Bonus - Billy Strings (feat Willie Nelson) | California Sober

Despite being a Single, it is worth bringing here for the historical record. One of the most beloved artists in America right now teams up with one of the most beloved artists of all time. The music brings a mixture of the bluegrass sound of Billy Strings and Willie's remarkable voice, in addition to the harmonica that is very present in his songs, and also pedal steel. Watch the clip, it's pure fun!


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